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Puuilo in brief

Puuilo is a Finnish retail store chain, known in particular for its wide product assortment, low prices, good store locations and convenient shopping experience. The company is focused on, in particular, handcraft and household accessories, and pet food products. Puuilo has over 40 stores and an online store in different parts of Finland, which is an important part of Puuilo's multi-channel business model. Due to its successful store concept, Puuilo has become one of the leading players in the discount market in Finland, and measured by turnover, it is one of Finland's largest store chains focusing on consumer goods.

Puuilo's growth strategy

Puuilo’s target is to continue strengthening its position as one of the leading discount retailers in Finland by utilising its key strengths: attractive and wide product assortment, low prices and convenient shopping experience.

In line with its growth strategy, the company aims to open approximately four new stores per year and to continue to grow its like-for like net sales by improving its brand awareness further.

Puuilo aims to continue to develop its value proposition by continuing to provide a wide product assortment that satisfies the needs of its customer base always at low prices. Puuilo also aims to continue investing in the development and growth of its online store to offer its customers the possibility to shop both in its physical stores and online.

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